Wings of Hope Project

Our “Wings of Hope” Project involves sending inspirational greeting cards and/or post cards monthly in regular snail mail to Laugh at Cancer Support Community members who have signed up to receive them.

At this time, we are looking for volunteers that want to be someone’s Wings of Hope each month.

We need a volunteer or more in future to send out monthly inspirational, humorous, or upbeat cards (No Get Well) to members who have joined our mailing list (The member’s list is not ready yet)

However, please let us know if you want to help us bring joy, smiles, and laughter to families touched by cancer. Sometimes just knowing someone truly cares makes a world of difference when a patient is fighting for their life.

This project is a year-round project and it is one of our most important ones. People our past mailing lists always stated that the greeting cards meant so much to them when they received them in them in the mail. They knew that there was people that actually cared cared for them. Many families called to say thank you for sending cards out to their loved ones.

Let us know if you want to volunteer. or if you would like to become a member and join our Wings of Hope Project Mailing list. Spreading joy and smiles, until our members learn to laugh again.

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No one should have to fight cancer alone!

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