Day of Hope Project

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The Day of Hope Logo’s Meaning:

The Phoenix in our logo is to represent being a survivor and taking your life back. Also, as a patient, no matter the circumstances are, you must also take back your life as well.

The Founder, Ms. Crystal S. Kauffman has been collecting small gifts, figurines, wristbands, and fleece throw blankets every year since 2008. She decided to give these items out to patients receiving cancer treatment at a local hospital or cancer center.

Getting Prepared for LACSC’s Annual “Day of Hope” Event.

Important…We need ALL donations in by Dec. 15th of each year. The clinic is chosen by the founder and several other local long-term LACSC members by the early part of April and we will . This project became known as the “Day of Hope” project.

Come join us and on Dec. 31st , 2019 (the founder’s birthday) and bring joy and smiles to the faces of local patients.

IMPORTANT..However, you must let the founder know that you would like to accompany her. The clinic has approve the amount of visitors.

NOTE…You may also do this in your own community. However, you will need to organize the event and collect donations, as well as call ahead to clinic s to get permission for the giveaway and visit.

You don’t have to do anything fancy, just contact Ms. Kauffman for details if you would like to organize your own, “Day of Hope” Event.

The Founder of LACSC and two volunteers (her daughter and her daughter’s best friend) at the “Day of Hope” Event.

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